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Hibiscus Coccineus

A Beginner’s Guide to Hibiscus Coccineus

The hibiscus coccineus flowers are also known as Scarlet Rose Mallow. These are slender, shrubby like flowers that will die during the winter and sprout again when spring arrives. These are very beautiful and hardy flowers that will make any yard appear to be a tropical haven.

Once the hibiscus coccineus is well established they can have several stems that may grow as large as 7 ft tall. This flower has five petals and is dark scarlet in color; they will often grow to be about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Although each flower that blooms will only last for about a day, this plant will continue to provide new blooms on daily basis all through the summer and fall months.

The hibiscus coccineus originates in the southern part of the United States in an area that spans from Alabama, through Georgia and Florida. They grow naturally along swamps, lakes and rivers in the south, adding magnificent color to the landscape.

To grow hibiscus coccineus flowers you will need to use a moist soil, but once the plants are established you can water normally. If you live in a dry region you will need to water more often or the Scarlet Rose Mallow will not bloom. When planting these flowers you will need to keep in mind that they do best when they are grown in full sun. When planning your flower garden try and organize it so that the hibiscus coccineus will be in sunlight most of the day. They also need to be placed about 2 to 4 feet apart so that they will have plenty of room for growing; remember these are very large plants.

To plant these flowers using seeds you will need to either puncture the seed with a needle or scrape it before plant it. This will help to ensure that you get sprouts; otherwise the seeds may not sprout at all. You will not want to plant until all danger of frost has passed. Once your plants are established they will be able to withstand cooler temperatures and frost, but not until they are fully grown.

These colorful flowers make a great addition to any landscape due to their size and beautifully shaped leaves. Due to their tall size, you will want to plant these flowers at the back of your flowerbed; this way they will be seen without obscuring the rest of your flowers and foliage. The hibiscus coccineus looks fantastic growing along side ponds are water gardens as well. These flowers will attract bees, as well as butterflies and birds, in addition to hummingbirds. The flowers will stop blooming in the winter, and the leaves will turn colors just like the trees in your yard, but you will have your beautiful flowers back again in the spring.

Although the scarlet variety is the most popular for landscaping, there are also other varieties that feature white flowers; these are known as White Texas Star or Lone Star Hibiscus, and they look just as lovely in a flower garden as the scarlet flowers do.

There is no doubt that the hibiscus coccineus is not only one of the largest of the flowers that are native to North America, but they are also one of the most stunning to look at. Before the flowers of this plant bloom, the plant itself will resemble a marijuana plant, though this will change as soon as the scarlet flowers begin to blossom. 

Even if you are a beginning gardener, the hibiscus coccineus is easy to grow because it is so hardy, plus it will need very little except for water and a lot of sunshine.



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