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Growing Tips for the Orange Hibiscus


Although there are many beautiful types of flowering plants, the Hibiscus is a popular choice, especially the Orange Hibiscus.  Growing up to eight feet tall and 10 feet wide, this magnificent plant makes quite a statement.  Of course, when planting this type of Hibiscus, it is important to leave about 40 to 48 inches in between each plant so there is adequate room for the plant to grow.

A huge benefit to growing the Orange Hibiscus is that it does quite well in several growing zones to include 9a, 9b, 10a, and 10b.  This plant does prefer a lot of sunlight and as a result, you will get some of the most magnificent orange blooms that keep on blooming once the earlier flower dies.  Even the evergreen foliage is beautiful, featuring a blue green color with veins.

You will find that the Orange Hibiscus is a natural attractant to birds and butterflies so this plant makes an excellent addition to your outdoor area but it can also be grown indoors.  When watering this Hibiscus, it is important to water it regularly but without soaking the soil.  For propagation, these come from woody stems, softwood cuttings, semi-hardwood cuttings, hardwood cuttings, air layering, and grafting so you have multiple choices for growing additional Orange Hibiscus.

Keep in mind some other important tips when growing the Orange Hibiscus, which include the following:



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