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Caring For A Texas Star Hibiscus

If you want a plant that blooms beautiful deep red and burgundy blooms, you should consider keeping a Texas star hibiscus. They are a hardy and easy to grow plant and they can be used to accent any garden area. This plant is a perennial and it has large flowers that appear in late summer to early fall. The Texas star hibiscus is one of the most popular plants in America.

The leaves and stems of this plant are light green in color and these plants can reach up to 8 feet in height. The blooms are a deep red to burgundy color and the flower has 5 petals. Each petal is in an oval shape with a point on the end and the flowers are known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Texas star hibiscus should be planted in an area that receives plenty of rainfall. It thrives living by a swamp or lake and it can be placed by the side of a small pond. It isn’t hard to care for a Texas hibiscus plant but there are things you can do to make sure that the plant stays happy and healthy.

Soil requirements for this plant are mildly acidic to neutral, so you may have to do a soil test to make sure that your soil qualifies. These soil tests can be purchased at your local gardening center. It will show you if you need to add any other type of fertilizer to your soil and this can also benefit the surrounding plants. If you will have to use fertilizer, add a small amount to the soil and mix thoroughly. You should wait around a week before you plant the Texas star hibiscus.

This plant thrives in a partial sun and shade mix. So make sure you place it in an area that has both. When a plant needs both a sun and shade mix, this means that it can benefit from morning sunshine and afternoon shade. Morning sun is not as harsh as the sunlight in the afternoon. So the plant should be placed in an area that has morning light and as the day progresses it should turn into shade.

You cannot over water a Texas star hibiscus. They need a moist rich soil to be healthy and they love to be near water. If you have a water garden or small pond, this is a perfect area for this type of plant. If you do not have a pond of any open body of water, just make sure to keep the plant watered everyday and never let the soil around the plant become dry or sandy. If the plant is deprived of water for long periods of time, you may not get very many blooms or flowers in late summer.

Make sure to space the plants apart when placing them in your garden. You can place each plant a full 4 to 6 feet away from each other. The plant needs a lot of water and nutrients, so spacing them apart gives each plant enough water and nutrients from the soil.

There is one potential problem with owning a Texas star hibiscus. Before the plant produces the signature blooms in late summer, it resembles a marijuana plant. Many law enforcement officials have been fooled by the similarity between the 2 plants and have actually arrested people for owning this plant. While the plant is growing, it may be a good idea to place a small sign stating what type of plant it is, to avoid any confusion. This can also help to prevent problems in the future.



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